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Hosting and Cloud Computing - What Does the Future Hold?

The promise of cloud computing is huge and many of us in the hosting industry have solutions or ideas on what the hosting future looks like. The only fact that remains constant is the constant amount of change that moves through this industry.

It is our belief that hosting providers and datacenters need the right set of tools to manage the increasing complex computing configurations customers demand. CloudLinux was created for just this purpose. As we look to the future, there are some themes we at Cloud Linux think are important to consider when thinking about what lies ahead.

For hosting providers, space is a big deal. Whether it is space on a shared server or space in your datacenter, space costs money. There was a time when bigger was better the more servers you had, the more important you must be. But that may be changing. With the cost of datacenter space, electricity and cooling on the rise, it is time to reconsider this idea. There just is no such thing as infinite datacenter space or unlimited dollars to cover management costs. So how do you maximize the space you have? Density and stability are the keys to solving the growing space issues. Improving server stability and therefore increasing density helps hosting providers do more with the same amount of infrastructure.

Another key theme for the future is security. Headlines are filled with cyber threats and identity theft. Consumers, enterprises and small businesses alike are increasingly concerned about security. Because of this dynamic they will continue to put pressure on their service providers to improve security and protect their data, identities and networks.

As the complexity of computing grows, we need to take efficiency to the next level. To keeping servers running efficiently as well as making our technical staff manage more and more complex solutions, it becomes increasingly important to maximize the efficiency of operations. At Cloud Linux, our solutions are purposely built with this goal in mind.

Our CEO Igor Seletskiy will discuss some of these themes with other hosting industry leaders during a panel discussion on technology and trends in the hosting market. Hell discuss recent developments and future indicators with other industry leaders such as Michael Jaffe from Microsoft, Doug Toombs of Tier 1, George Karidis from SoftLayer, Ditlev Bredahl from UK2 Group, and Jack Zubarev from Parallels. HostingCon will take place at the Austin Convention Center from July 19 - 21, 2010.

Mark your calendars and join the discussion. Share your thoughts on these themes and learn what tomorrow brings.

Jason Bill
02/05/2012 04:58:58
Cloud Computing
I like cloud computing because of two reason:

1. Security
2. Low cost

For online backup service, cloud backup is the best option.
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