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CageFS 3.1 Beta 4

I am happy to present CageFS 3.1 Beta 4
New version brings:
  • Improvements in suPHP compilation for cPanel
  • Customer's /tmp directory is moved back inside user's home directory
  • Added: cPanel counters, glibc-devel, ImageMagick to skeleton template
  • Added: "Kernel not supported" message in Plesk plugin when running unsupported, older kernels
  • Bugfix: lvectl --remount-all will destroy all threads inside LVE before doing remount
  • suPHP will no longer fail due to varfs issues.

To update CL5
# yum update lve cagefs --enable-repo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

To update CL6
# yum update lve cagefs --enable-repo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

To install
# yum update kernel --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing
# reboot
# yum install cagefs --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

If you are running CL5 with lve0.8.54 kernel, you don't need to install new kernel/reboot.

Manuel Kissoyan
03/08/2012 20:57:24
It continue copying the mailman archives on cpanel?
hi, wondering if this beta continue copying the mailman archives in cpanel servers or that was fixed in this beta 4?
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Igor Seletskiy
03/08/2012 21:39:51
No, but we are almost done with fixing it. Should be released next week.
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Manuel Kissoyan
03/09/2012 09:37:50
Thanx Igor!
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