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New Beta Kernel for CloudLinux 6.x: kernel-2.6.32-320.4.1.lve1.1.4

New kernel kernel-2.6.32-320.4.1.lve1.1.4 is available from our cloudlinux-updates-testing repository.
The kernel is based on beta kernel from OpenVZ and as the result might be less stable then our typical beta kernels.

It includes following bug fixes nad improvements

  • Rebase to 042stab052.3 kernel, which brings us in line with latest RHEL 6.2 kernel
  • Load Average calculations improvements
  • Improvements in lve_destroy to make sure all threads inside LVE are killed
To update:
# yum install kernel-2.6.32-320.4.1.lve1.1.4.el6 --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing