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Update for SecureLinks for Apache - support for global aliases

We had a lot of positive feedback regarding SecureLinks. I am glad to announce second beta of SecureLinks that ads support for global aliases. This prevents some of the issues when global aliases became unavailable after SecureLinks were installed.

To enable new version of SecureLinks, please run:
# yum update mod_hostinglimits --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

The RPM version of mod_hostinglimts is 0.9-5
We plan to send new version of mod_hostinglimits for inclusion in EasyApache early next week.

Another good news is that LiteSpeed webserver starting with 4.1.11 RC is supporting SecureLinks as well.

Manuel Kissoyan
03/16/2012 16:46:32
Is this something similar to mod_ruid2?
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