Maximum security for your servers
Reduces the churn rate

Hosting companies with proper security have 22% faster growth than the others

CloudLinux Product

Why use CloudLinux?


Stable servers reduce churn and allow you to increase density, and therefore magnify your profit. The CloudLinux OS stability features prevent resource spikes and make your servers rock-solid stable, even in the most stressful situations.


CloudLinux OS protects your servers from attacks by virtualizing users’ file systems and prevent sensitive information disclosure.
Our kernel-level technology prevents all known symbolic link attacks, which further enhances the security level of the servers.
Secure the unsupported versions of PHP where, vulnerabilities, even if discovered, are not patched by the community.


Multiply the number of users on a more stable server with Cloudlinux OS and manage any resources limits for each customer.


Troubleshooting performance problems with detailed information on system bottlenecks, slow database queries, functions, or external calls.

You’re in good company

4,000+ companies trust CloudLinux to run more than 20 million of customer websites.

As a managed hosting provider we are always looking for quality products that will help us increase efficiency and stability as well as improve the overall performance from our servers. We deployed CloudLinux on our shared hosting servers, and we have seen an immediate improvement in reliability. Now we want to offer the same solution to our dedicated server customers.
I installed [CloudLinux OS] on Sunday night. It was pretty easy. I’m also amazed at how much it has brought our CPU usage down. I thought caging the different accounts in a virtual environment would put more of a load on our server, but this has done the opposite. Before, our total CPU usage was between 50 – 90% during the day and now it is around 6 – 30%. I’m not sure how or what did this, but I’ll take it! Thank you… use CloudLinux for all servers, from Webhosting / VPS / Dedicated servers. It’s a stable OS, we are very happy in combination with Imunify360 and Kernelcare. And if they are any problems contact the support and you get a very fast and good answer on your question.
We’ve been really stable selling shared hosting and CloudLinux did it for us (after a number of battles trying to solve the hiccup)! It was like magic!
I´m running this company for 20 years, we use many vendors in the market and I’m using CloudLinux services for only one week. What I can say is: you have the BEST support service from the whole industry. You guys just rock!
This is the equivalent of changing the engine on an airplane while it’s flying. I think this will be viewed as a no-brainer purchase when you consider the cost of less than $50 annually per server for having the protection of kernel security updates without downtime.

A lot of hosters are finding their niche, but if you are a “generic” hosting company, you have to focus on the quality of service and monetization. CloudLinux is here to help your business grow and expand.

Igor Seletskiy
CEO & Founder of CloudLinux Inc.

Highly Compatible

CloudLinux OS Shared works with all major control panels and is compatible with most software commonly used with CentOS and RHEL.


What do CloudLinux OS products do?

There are three Operating systems in the Cloudlinux OS product line: 

  • CloudLinux OS Shared – improves shared server stability, density, and security by isolating each tenant and giving them allocated server resources.
  • CloudLinux OS Shared Pro – is an advanced version of CloudLinux OS Shared that includes deep-look performance analytics, and centralized monitoring tools. 
  • CloudLinux OS Solo –  for small businesses and any individual with just one hosting account. It includes website monitoring, performance detection, and performance optimization tools, that allow to make sure that the website is up and running, help in investigating problems with WordPress, PHP, Database, and speed up a website.
How can I test-drive CloudLinux OS Products?


  • For a shared web server you can sign up for a free license for 30 days by choosing CloudLinux OS Shared Pro trial that includes all features of CloudLinux OS Shared and CloudLinux OS Shared Pro. 
  • For VPS, dedicated or virtual machines you can sign up for a free license of CloudLinux OS Solo.  

Any trial license can be obtained here or in your CLN account if you already have one. 

How much does CloudLinux OS cost?


CloudLinux OS Solo starts from $4 per server per month 

CloudLinux OS Shared starts from $9.9 per server per month 

CloudLinux OS Shared Pro starts from $13 per server per month

All prices available here

How can I buy CloudLinux OS?


Visit Cloudlinux OS shopping cart here. If you have any questions, please write to [email protected] 
How do I contact customer support?


Go to Support Portal – CloudLinux We’re here to help you get resolutions to problems, find technical or “how to” information, or submit a ticket to our Support Engineers.