Transition from CentOS 7 with CloudLinux

As technology evolves and operating systems age, running CentOS 7 on your hosting server introduces a series of challenges that can impact your infrastructure’s security, performance, and compliance. Understanding these challenges is the first step towards making an informed decision about the future of your server environment.

Key Challenges of Continuing with CentOS 7

End of Life (EOL)
With CentOS 7 full updates ceasing in August 2020 and maintenance updates ending in June 2024, the absence of security patches or feature updates post‑EOL poses significant risks.
Security Vulnerabilities
Emerging security threats could leave your server compromised without timely OS patches.
Software Compatibility
The aging OS may not support newer versions of applications and dependencies, limiting your access to the latest features and improvements.
Compliance Risks
Running an unsupported OS might violate industry standards and compliance requirements.
Performance Issues
Missing out on performance enhancements present in newer OS versions could result in decreased server efficiency.
Limited Support
Decreased community and third‑party support for CentOS 7 as focus shifts to newer releases.
Migration Challenges
Postponing an upgrade complicates the migration process due to significant changes in system and application configurations.

CloudLinux Solutions for CentOS 7 Users

CloudLinux presents a suite of solutions designed to address the complexities of running an outdated OS like CentOS 7, ensuring your hosting server remains secure, compatible, and high‑performing.

ELevate CentOS7 to CloudLinux OS 8 with Special Rebate Offer

What We Offer
Transition from CentOS 7 to CloudLinux OS 7 with cldeploy and then easily move to CloudLinux OS 8, based on RHEL 8, with ELevate to enjoy updated features, improved security, and superior performance.
Special Rebate
Enjoy a 50% rebate on CloudLinux OS Shared licenses for the first year. To qualify, opt-in and complete the technical migration as outlined by CloudLinux. This offer, applied monthly, supports your transition financially.

Note: Rebate offer is valid only if a purchase is made DIRECTLY from Cloudlinux.

You will receive confirmation from the Cloudlinux team if you qualify for the rebate.
Upgrading to CloudLinux OS 8 not only secures your server environment but also ensures you benefit from the latest OS advancements. The rebate offer makes this transition more cost‑effective.

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Ready to take advantage of this limited‑time rebate offer? Fill out our Sign‑Up Form to start the process. Our team will guide you through the technical migration steps and help you secure your rebate.

Note: Rebate offer is valid only if a purchase is made DIRECTLY from Cloudlinux.

You will receive confirmation from the Cloudlinux team if you qualify for the rebate.

Other Migration Paths

Dive into AlmaLinux, the free, open‑source, community‑driven enterprise Linux distribution offering a stable and supported CentOS alternative.
Extend the life of your CentOS 7 server with critical security updates through CloudLinux's Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS), providing a bridge while you plan your migration.

Take the Next Step

Don’t let the challenges of CentOS 7 compromise your server’s potential. Explore CloudLinux’s solutions to secure, optimize, and future-proof your hosting environment. Whether through upgrading to CloudLinux OS 8, transitioning to AlmaLinux, or utilizing ELS for CentOS 7, CloudLinux is here to support your journey every step of the way.