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Reseller Limits Beta 3 is now available

Reseller Limits Beta 3 is now available

The new LVE Manager Reseller Limits feature was released approximately a month ago and here is another Beta release - we have fixed a few bugs, implemented command improvements and a few other things here and there.

To learn how to operate Reseller Limits, please read this documentation article.

If you missed it, here is the original release information, and here is the information on Reseller Limits Beta 2 security fixes.

Reseller Limits


We also recommend viewing the recorded video of the CloudLinux Academy webinar, where our CEO and Founder Igor Seletskiy discusses the Reseller Limits functionality.

We need your feedback and we encourage you to try the new and improved Beta for Reseller Limits.

Please note that if you use CloudLinux 6 kernel you would have to first migrate to a Hybrid kernel 3.10.0-714.10.2.lve1.5.3.el6h. Here are the instructions on how to do so.

LVE Manager with Reseller Limits Beta 3 support update command:

yum update lvemanager lve-utils lve-stats lve liblve alt-pylve --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

Kernel with Reseller Limits Beta 3 support update commands:

CloudLinux 7

yum clean all --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing; yum install kernel-3.10.0-714.10.2.lve1.5.5.el7 --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

CloudLinux 6 Hybrid

yum clean all --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing,cloudlinux-hybrid-testing; yum install kernel-3.10.0-714.10.2.lve1.5.5.el6h --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing,cloudlinux-hybrid-testing

Please find the changelog below.


  • PTCLLIB-102: optimized execute time of the function `clcommon.utils.grep`;
  • LVES-748: dropped LVE 4 compatibility;
  • LU-564: fixed traceback on cPanel 11.68 when execute "lvectl apply all" command;
  • LU-535: fixed functions reseller_users from cpapi and reseller_uids from lveapi;
  • PTCLLIB-100: cloudlinux-limits utility now displays cPanel resellers with a name shorter than 3 symbols.


  • LU-511: avoided unnecessary lve recreation;
  • LU-579: fixed trace for CageFS installation in DA;
  • LVES-806: lve_stats2_lib is now used for config parsing in StatsNotifier;
  • LU-574: investigated issues with resellers limits;
  • LU-566: fixed response 'cloudlinux-limits --for-reseller' for DA and Plesk;
  • PTCLLIB-102: optimized execute time of the function `clcommon.utils.grep`;
  • LU-565: allowed "lvectl set-reseller" utility to show more specific messages for DirectAdmin/Plesk/cPanel on resellers packages and kernel;
  • LU-567: fixed cldetect --detect-cp-full errors when ispmanager-business-common is not installed;
  • LU-568: fixed an issue when kill_php_script killed mysql;
  • LU-562: command 'lvectl paneluserslimits ' now works correct on Plesk and DA;
  • LU-561: fixed an issue related to "lvectl apply all";
  • LU-558: fix minor security flaw found by RACK911 Labs;
  • LU-542: allowed cloudlinux-limits utility to block actions on behalf of reseller with users that do not belong to this reseller and to show errors;
  • LVEMAN-1177: fixed parser sysctl.conf in da_add_admin script;
  • LU-507: implemented "cloudlinux-limits enable-reseller-limits" command;
  • LU-463: "lvectl apply all" is now called when server/reseller default limits are changed from UI;
  • LU-530: optimized cloudlinux-limits get --for-reseller;
  • LU-528: fixed response for keys set --for-reseller in cloudlinux-config, cloudlinux-limits and cloudlinux-packages;
  • LU-496: implemented cashing of the parsed VE xml and get_cpu_data();
  • LU-545: fixed lvectl destroy all;
  • LU-510: investigated the problem with reseller's list; fixed applying limit for reseller user with admin package;
  • LU-518: optimized cloudlinux-limits get request;
  • LVEMAN-1170: PHP Selector now prints error when alt-php is used as system default version;
  • LU-539: /usr/sbin/kill_php_scripts now does not kill background lsphp processes;
  • LU-519: cloudlinux-limits now processes mysql limits depending on mode of MySQL Governor; removed dependence from reseller limits;
  • LU-535: fixed functions: reseller_users from cpapi and reseller_uids from lveapi;
  • LU-546: removed CL crons when erasing lve-utils package.


  • WEB-749: fixed design issues in LVE;
  • WEB-790: made corrections for different MySQL Governor modes;
  • LVEMAN-1080: removed cl-selector and piniset from lvemanager package;
  • WEB-778: fixed major security flaw in LVE Manager found by Rack911 Labs;
  • WEB-762: implemented new method of enabling reseller limits "cloudlinux-limits enable-reseller-limits" in SPA;
  • WEB-777: converted all PHP code to 5.3 compatible syntax;
  • LVEMAN-1177: fixed parser sysctl.conf in da_add_admin script;
  • WEB-771: investigated and fixed an issue when Historical Usage did not show statistic for reseller;
  • LVEMAN-1175: fixed an issue when selectorctl is not working if htaccess files contains commented "PassangerAppRoot" line;
  • WEB-675: MySQL Governor mode is displayed on Current Usage tab;
  • WEB-674: added an ability to go to adjust limits from the Current Usage tab and from Statistics by clicking on user's name;
  • WEB-764: fixed "Panel default modules" button behavior in Selector tests;
  • WEB-765: user_id is now used to show pop-up in current usage;
  • WEB-744: made functional of 'Panel default' button like in old LVE Manager;
  • WEB-754: fixed filtering functionality while enabling/disabling reseller's limits when activated Manage:resellers filter;
  • WEB-621: Cagefs checkbox is now hidden when CageFS is disabled;
  • WEB-746: resellers' users are now updated when enable or disable reseller limit;
  • WEB-756: prepared VM for tests running;
  • WEB-742: corrected messages in reseller's plugin related to kernel version;
  • WEB-760: fixed "Notify Customer Every" option in reseller's plugin;
  • LVEMAN-1170: PHP Selector now prints error when Alt-PHP is used as system default version;
  • WEB-758: added multiselect logic to admin integration tests (Package tab);
  • WEB-753: admin now has an ability to edit MySQL limits for reseller's_with_limits_on user if MySQL Governor mode is abuser or single;
  • WEB-748: checked table titles and modal window limits inputs;
  • WEB-692: implemented integration tests for Reseller plugin;
  • WEB-735: separated local running of integration tests by tabs;
  • WEB-739: fixed displaying of graphs on user side in cPanel (MS Edge browser only);
  • WEB-696: made a correction for displaying package name length.


  • LVES-847: GoDaddy: investigated why lve stats has stopped writing to /var/lve/json-stats;
  • LVES-827: fixed "Broken pipe" traceback when piping lveinfo to head;
  • LVES-748: dropped LVE 4 compatibility;
  • LVES-804: HistoryShowUnion is now used instead of HistoryShow in clstat;
  • LVES-658: removed message "no activity" from IO usage graph if database activity is present;
  • LVES-826: added server_id parameter for cloudlinux-statistics;
  • LVES-833: fixed template for reseller's notification option "Notify me when I hit my limits".


  • KMODLVE-96: added user API to read lvp limits;
  • KMODLVE-99: properly handle error during resource setup;
  • KMODLVE-119: fixed potential errors on exit from LVE by using only one namespace;
  • KMODLVE-121: fixed module panic on exit by closing freezer cgroup first before releasing it;
  • KMODLVE-122: fixed kernel crash on init if cgroups mount failed;
  • KMODLVE-124: fixed LVE initialization.

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by Guest - galih rezah / Saturday, 02 December 2017 18:10

i have try to many bug sir

i have try to many bug sir
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Hi Galih,

Please contact our support team at

Hi Galih, Please contact our support team at

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