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Reseller Limits in CloudLinux OS now available for Plesk

Reseller Limits in CloudLinux OS now available for Plesk

The Reseller Limits feature in CloudLinux OS was one of the most anticipated enhancements released half a year ago, and now, with the latest release, Plesk customers can also take advantage of it. It allows hosting providers to offer more valuable services to their resellers. It empowers resellers to expand their offering to their end-users, adjust their pricing models, and optimize space usage.

Hosting providers can set limits on the amount of resources each reseller can operate. It gives tools to the resellers to control the resources each end-user has right inside Plesk control panel. These resources include CPU, IO, memory, number of processes, and concurrent connections per each end-user.

The CloudLinux OS, with its proprietary Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) technology, prevents end-users from bringing down the server by allowing web hosts to set up individual resource limits. This ensures that users can never use more resources than was allocated to them, and now the ability to set limits has been extended to the resellers for their end-users.

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