Legal Agreements for CloudLinux Products

Cloud Linux transforms and improves the way our customers do business. At Cloud Linux, we use our creative minds and talents to invent, develop and deliver technologically advanced, intelligent solutions. How we get there is just as important as what we achieve. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and legal standards in all our business activities.

Why Cloud Linux has a Code of Ethics?

  1. Education – educates us about ethical, lawful and professional conduct.
  2. Guidance – guides us to live our core values.
  3. Excellence – maintains Cloud Linux`s reputation for excellence.

Cloud Linux`s guiding principles in our our Code of Ethics:

  1. Respect, value and support people.
  2. Behave with integrity in all communications, records and business activities.
  3. Protect and enhance Cloud Linux`s information and assets.
  4. Comply with laws.

Download Cloud Linux Code of Ethics to learn more.