Getting started with CloudLinux OS Shared


How to obtain activation keys, register and migrate servers


There are two ways to get started with CloudLinux OS Shared – you can either convert your existing system or install CloudLinux Shared on a new server. In either case, you will need the activation key.

Getting the activation key

You can start by using a 30-day free trial key, which can be obtained through the CloudLinux Network (our self-service web portal), also called CLN. Note, that you cannot use a new trial key on a system that is already using a trial key. The trial activation process is described here.

Purchasing of the activation key is also performed through CLN and the process is described here.

Migrating licenses and servers

When you migrate from the trial activation key to a paid one, you have to re-register your installation from the command line interface (server console – run it as root):

rhnreg_ks --activationkey=<newkey>

For IP-based licenses you may have received from CloudLinux partners, the syntax is different:

clnreg_ks --force

If you need to reinstall your server, migrate to a new hardware or perform any kind of license migration, login to CLN and remove old server(s) as shown in the following video.

This video shows you how to free server licenses (do not forget to enable closed captions while watching).

After removing the licenses you no longer need, choose CloudLinux OS top menu and pick an activation key with free license slots. Use that key to register your new CloudLinux OS server from CLI in two simple steps:

yum install rhn-setup --enablerepo=cloudlinux-baserhnreg_ks --activationkey=<newkey>(for IP-based licences: clnreg_ks --force)

In the case of server migration, you don’t need another activation key to proceed. First, remove the old server from CLN, activate the new server with the same activation key and proceed with the migration.

You can find links to additional information and support resources in this article.

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