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Billing FAQ

Forgotten password reset
How to login to manage account
How will I get billed
Expired license reactivation
Registering another server with the trial license
Paid license activation key expiration
Migrating a license to a new server
Canceling CloudLinux licenses
Receiving overdue invoices for canceled service
How to join the CloudLinux Partner program

1. I’ve forgotten my password and can’t login to my account. I’ve tried to reset it several times, but I still can’t log in. What should I do?

The reason you can’t get access to your account is that you use your email address as login. Login name may be different from your email address.

To enter your account, use login name and password you used on the registration page. Should you have any troubles with that, please open a support ticket in the Billing department at

2. Where do log in to manage my account?

You can manage your account by logging in at

3. How will I get billed?

You can make payments monthly or annually on the date of subscription activation. We accept Credit Cards and PayPal. You can configure the payment method in Billing –> Payment Methods section of your CLN account.

4. I want to use trial license but it has expired. Can you extend it?

Trial licenses are valid within 30 days only and are not extendable.

5. I have registered my server with a trial license and want to register another one. Can I do it?

According to our policy, you can use free 30-days trial license only once. After that period, when your license has expired, please purchase the license to continue to use it on a prepayment basis. CLN portal does not allow registering new trial licenses if you have already used it.

6. I’ve registered a server under a paid license. Will license activation key expire at the end of the billing cycle?

Activation key doesn’t expire (except the trial key, which acts only for 30 days). You just need to pay for licenses each month or year, depending on your billing period, and you can continue to use the same activation key.

7. I want to migrate a license to a new server. Do I need to purchase the second license in this case?

You don’t need an extra license to migrate to a new server. You can register the new CloudLinux server with the same activation key. Before doing so, please remove “old” server in your CLN account/Servers list (more details are available here). Your “old” server will be unregistered, so yum (and LVE Manager UI) will not be functional, but all the rest will work as usual.

8. How can I cancel CloudLinux licenses?

To cancel CloudLinux license, follow these steps:

  • Login to CLN account
  • Click on ‘Servers’ tab –> choose ‘CloudLinux OS’ in the Product dropdown –> and remove necessary server/s
  • Click on ‘CloudLinux OS’ top menu and remove unused license/s. Please note that if you ignore the last step, your license will remain active and must be paid for.

9. Why I’m receiving overdue invoices if I stopped using licenses a long time ago? Why are you trying to charge me?

The system sends you a reminder about an overdue invoice only when unused licenses have not been canceled. Accordingly, the billing hasn’t been stopped. Please note that the billing stops once CloudLinux OS licenses are actually canceled via your CLN account. If you have stopped using your licenses and removed the unused server from ‘Servers’ list only, the system will keep applying charges for active licenses despite the fact they are used or not.

10. How can I join the CloudLinux Partner program?

To become a CloudLinux reseller, you need to sign up for the Partner Program. The Partner Program allows you to benefit from the following:

  • Automated ordering through our API
  • Easy-to-use, IP-based licensing
  • A chance to pay for licenses used in the previous month on the 1st of the following month.

To find out more about our Partner Program, please visit our website. Detailed information about the Partner UI and how to join the program is available here.