Getting started with CloudLinux OS Shared

X-Ray PHP Performance Tracking


CloudLinux OS Shared Pro includes a new performance tracing tool called PHP X-Ray. It provides detailed information on performance bottlenecks in websites that use CMSes such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. With PHP X-Ray, you’re no longer forced to diagnose such problems by hand. If a site has any slow plugins, database queries, functions, or external calls, this tool reveals what’s causing them.

I’m going to show you how to fix a slow site using the CloudLinux PHP X-Ray tool. I have a very slow WordPress site: pages load slowly. To find the issue I use the CloudLinux PHP X-Ray. I’m creating a tracing task for the site. I’m specifying the URL and leaving the default settings. Then I’m surfing the site and leaving a comment to make a POST request so as PHP X-Ray collects information. Then I’m returning to the tracing task and here I can see the slowest requests on the top. The details page shows the issues. For example, you can see if one of the WordPress plugins uses a lot of resources. You can go to the WordPress administrator interface and disabling it. I go back to my ex-slow site and make some more requests for the CloudLinux PHP X-Ray. And I can see that the site works more quickly than before. I’m returning to the PHP X-Ray interface to explore the last requests. The last request details page shows that there are no issues.

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