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Mod_lsapi is the fastest and most reliable way to serve PHP pages. It is a drop-in replacement for SuPHP, FCGID, RUID2, and ITK. It has a low memory footprint and understands PHP directives from .htaccess files. Mod_Isapi:

Is faster than any other way to serve PHP with Apache.

Doesn’t suffer from stability issues in process management like PHP FPM and mod_fcgid.

Includes the full benefits of opcode caching.

Is compatible with MPM Worker and Event.

Does not require tuning.

Includes support for PHP directives in .htaccess files.

Is a drop-in replacement for existing ways to serve PHP.

Is fully compatible with PHP Selector.

When a website slows down, there’s usually a problem with its content management system. To restore its performance, it used to be necessary to delve into its WordPress installation and diagnose the problem by hand. Now, on servers that run CloudLinux OS Shared Pro, performance problems can be identified immediately using a new tool called PHP X-Ray.

PHP X-Ray, included with CloudLinux OS Shared Pro, provides detailed information on performance bottlenecks that involve WordPress. If a site has sluggish plugins, database queries, functions, or external calls, this new tool helps pinpoint the underlying problem.

Troubleshooting performance problems

PHP X-Ray was developed specifically to troubleshoot performance issues in PHP-based websites, such as:

Slow plugins

Slow database queries

Slow functions

Slow external calls

Centralized Monitoring enables sysadmins to monitor all their servers, determine the load on each one, and identify the users creating the most load. If a domain is using an inordinate amount of CPU, memory, or disk resources, this tool helps bring it under control.

A detailed look at server performance

Centralized Monitoring provides a detailed look at the load on any and all servers throughout your infrastructure. It enables sysadmins to easily monitor:

Server performance (RAM, CPU, disks, system load, network, open files, IO)
Hardware temperature
Number of users
Apache connections
MySQL connections
CPU steal time for VM
Per-user resources (CPU, RAM, Processes, IO, MySQL CPU and IO)

We want this new tool to be effective right out of the box, as well as trouble-free and easy to use. It will provide a detailed per-user view.

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Learn more about Mod_Lsapi from documentation



Out-of-the-box, supported, problem-focused monitoring solution that not requires implementation and continuous support by engineering teams in the future


User-friendly Simpler solution for the teams that don’t have enough competences to build it in-house


Detects slow plugins, database queries, functions and external calls


Detailed per-user view, integrated with LVE Manager (unlike any available solution)

This video provides an example of how PHP X-Ray might be used to troubleshoot and fix a WordPress performance problem.

Learn more about PHP X-Ray from documentation


Performance bottlenecks detection

Out-of-the box solution

All performance monitoring in one place

Custom notifications and alerts

Learn more about Centralized Monitoring from documentation

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